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It’s what we know and what we do that makes us the best

Established in 2009, Paramount Safety Management (PSM) has a reputation for the management and delivery of risk, quality, health, safety, environment (RQHSE) services to high-risk industries.

We can assist your support team or implement and manage risk and management systems in your organisation. PSM work for a range of markets including oil & gas, energy production, maritime, onshore/offshore renewables, construction, and fabrication.

PSM Safety Management Services

Subsea Cable Installation & Renewables

PSM specialise in subsea cable installation from concept through to installation and repair. PSM work for clients involved in interconnectors, offshore wind farms (array & export) and power from shore. Activities include:

Vessel & Maritime Management

  • Vessel new build (subcontractor selection, site inspections)
  • Back deck mobilisation
  • Management systems to recognised standards (ISO / ISM)
  • Audits (ISM / CMID)
  • Project vessel selection, management & audit
  • FMEA
  • Vessel risk assessment, back deck inspection, equipment suitability checks
  • Activity risk assessments
  • Permitting & consents

Offshore Construction

PSM has practical knowledge in offshore construction and associated activities. PSM can provide RQHSE services for fabrication, installation, O&M and (de)commissioning including:

Construction & Facility Management

PSM work with construction & facility management companies to ensure their activities are completed in a safe, structured manner. PSM provide detailed construction plans and risk assessments aligned to national regulations.

PSM can develop management systems and assessments for facilities including fire risk assessment and specialise in helping clients obtain SSIP accreditation (the UK only).

Fabrication & Engineering

PSM expertise extends to light and heavy fabrication/engineering works in the onshore & offshore sectors. We assist with design risk assessment, FMEA and HAZID processes at conceptual stages continuing with assessment as development continues. We can undertake project RQHSE management activities if required or simply assist with workplace or project activities.

Production, Industry & Service

PSM can undertake or review company specific processes and assessment and offer practical solutions to RQHSE concerns within your organisation. We provide specific operational procedures and assessments for a variety of industries and service sectors.

Risk Management Software

Risk Without Complexity

RISKUL is a browser-based, fully customisable risk assessment and risk management software platform that allows organisations to identify, prioritise, mitigate, and manage risk.
Quality Over Quantity

RISKUL utilises five methods of risk assessment:


HAZID is used at the conceptual development stage to identify hazards enabling solutions to be applied into a design to negate, or as a minimum, reduce the need for hazard management at a later stage.


HAZOP looks at operability and intent to ascertain what could go wrong and what the outcome of a failure would be. HAZOP can be introduced retrospectively to existing operations, processes, or procedures, it’s there when you need it.


Manage operational hazards with HIRA. HIRA is an operationally focussed risk analysis technique suited to the latter stages of work or project development.

Task Risk Assessment

TRA is an activity specific assessment developed with, and for the end user. If your risk assessment is used to identify and manage physical hazards, then TRA is a logical choice.

Risk Register

Input detailed content for strategic or operational risk focus areas. Identify, manage, and track actions, the risk register will help you make the right choices.

RISKUL can be used to manage any type of risk exposure irrespective of the size of the organisation.

With RISKUL you use the risk assessment method that works for you, pick and choose your combinations and export and print your work when required.

Identify, Prioritise, Mitigate & Manage Risk.

RISKUL packages are available to suit all organisations from single user packages for consultants or small business to enterprise packages for multiple users.

Steve has gained extensive experience in challenging roles and projects in the UK and internationally since 1998.

Practical risk management reduces exposure to unwanted risk. It enhances business reputation, protects revenue, and ensures personnel welfare is at the forefront of business decisions

Steve ClelandPSM Director

PSM believe that RQHSE services must be provided by specialists with practical knowledge of the sector seeking support.

PSM work for a range of markets including oil & gas, energy production, maritime, onshore/offshore renewables, construction, and fabrication. PSM can assist your support team or implement and manage risk and management systems in your organisation.

The PSM team consists of competent advisors in RQHSE disciplines who can manage your requirements in service areas onshore and offshore.

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